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The Preservation of Heritage Foundation is an initiative by Silverfleet Estates Ltd. The foundation limits its activities to the Netherlands. Where applicable the foundation will seek cooperation with third parties to achieve the principle goal, preservation of heritage. In countries outside of the Netherlands Silverfleet Estates Ltd. will coordinate this cooperation.

The Foundation for the Preservation of Heritage goal is to protect the interests and rights of its investors/shareholders during the period of acquisition and redevelopment.

The Foundation for the Preservation of Heritage uses the Private Equity financing model, for acquisition, used by Silverfleet Estates ltd. This model is based on the principle of Limited Partnerships.

Silverfleet Estates ltd. and the Foundation for the Preservation of Heritage aims to, jointly, grow into a major party in this segment. (please refer to the page CORPORATE GOVERNANCE and COMPLIANCE).

Governance & Management
Silverfleet Estates ltd entrusted the managerial role of the Foundation for the Preservation to an experienced risk manager who also possesses a valuable network of experts. The management of the foundation is in highly experienced, knowledgeable and competent hands.

Introduction of the key parties involved:
Board of the Foundation for the Preservation of Heritage

Drs. A.C. van Wezel, administrative director

  • tax specialist, associated with Companies-house Europe


Maarten C. Wienbelt, board member compliance and riks

  • administrative supervisor of the Foundation for the Preservation of Heritage
  • responsible for contact with, and reporting to the AFM (dutch regulator)
  • point of contact for the investors
  • Maarten Wienbelt was a group advisor in the House of Representatives from 2015-2017 and as such was involved in alternative solutions for the DBA Act and the Bankruptcy Act. Previously, as an advisor, he was partly responsible for structuring the compliance of various companies and in that context regularly consulted with the AFM.

The Curriculum Vitae’s of the board members are available on request.

Board of Foundation Mortgage Guarantee Fund Seniorenwoonfonds I C.V.

  • Drs .A.C. van Wezel on behalf of Foundation for the Preservation of Heritage
  • Ms Andrea Hogema -Meerburg shareholder
  • J. Kok shareholder


External advisers and partners
Drs. A.C van Wezel

  • Tax and administrative advice
  • Director of Stichting Hypotheek Garantie Senioren Woonfonds


Easylaywer.com International B.V.
Mr. Wick Wijmans

  • Tasks: Legal advisor


Van Beek Real Estate Zwolle

  • Real Estate contracts and development advice


Grijspaardt Webdesign & Printing The Hague

  • Web and multimedia design


R. van de Rhee

  • Sourcing and acquisition


A-FACT, Zurich Switzerland

Mr. Patrick Abas

  • Risk manager, Credit-, Liquidity-, and IT Risk


Retired Colonel Mr. C. Block, former Deputy Judge

  • Property advisor speciality France


Mr. Drs. W.A. Jongsma

  • General local investigation


Notary & Lawyers

Schut and van Os, Amsterdam

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