First Emission

The first emission of the Limited Partnership Senioren Woonfonds I C.V. has the following features and benefits:

  • The Limited Partnership Senioren Woonfonds I C.V. is capped at five million Euros. This first emission consists of two hundred (200) participations each of twenty five thousand (25,000) Euros.
  • We intend to acquire three objects, each with an individual purchase price of approximately one million five hundred Euros.


We have all experienced the slow market in recent years and like everything in life, every disadvantage has an advantage meaning which makes now an excellent time to invest. At the moment we have the opportunity to source remarkable objects at 75-80% of the appraised value creating a very favourable Loan To Value (LTV) rate. Another essential positive detail is that a mortgage fully backs the purchased objects. Therefore your investment is secured.


As a participating investor, it is not necessary to deposit your funds with the investment fund. If you invest with our fund, you will pay directly into the escrow account of the notary. The notary will only release the funds after the First Right of Mortgage has been established.

The Limited Partnership Senioren Woonfonds I C.V. itself does not participate and/or invest in the actual replanning and conversion of the purchased objects. Therefore, there is no development risk for investors. The intended investment period is two years, or twenty four months.


The Heritage Preservation Foundation acts as manager for the Limited Partnership Senioren Woonfonds I C.V. and ensures that a reliable mortgage always covers your investments. The foundation also pre-finances the dividend payments so that payments are paid quarterly. Dividend payments will take place during the first two weeks after the end of each quarter.

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