Why investing with Limited Partnership Senioren Woonfonds I C.V

‘Who saves invests in money,
and this is the worst investment ever!’


Why investing with The Limited Partnership Senioren Woonfonds I C.V. is a good idea.

During recent years in the current market conditions, interest rates have been negative, and not likely to change in the coming years. Stock markets lose 15-20% of their value overnight, and the markets remain unstable under geopolitical tensions. It is not surprising that investors are looking for new stable investments, thus more real estate funds are emerging with favourable returns. The Limited Partnership Senioren Woonfonds I C.V. uniquely distinguishes itself by offering its investors the First Right of Mortgage as security. We also distinguish ourselves, unlike many funds, by not using any form of bank loans and/or guarantees.

Our model is based on good quality real estate, transparency and 100% commitment. The Limited Partnership Senioren Woonfonds I C.V. is the only investment fund, compared to other leading funds, that offers participation in which the participants establish a First Right of Mortgage on the acquired objects. This itself is unique, and breaks the pattern of traditional money creation and the revenue model of a bank.

Traditional money creation and revenue model of a bank (as an example)

Assume you enter into a mortgage contract with any given bank for 200,000 Euros the bank considers this as a receivable to be paid by you and at the same time, the bank deducts this amount in your favour. The result is you have, both a credit and a debit to the bank. The bank has now created 200,000 Euros instantly that was not available until the contract was signed. In other words, ‘money creation through debt’. This money does not belong to the bank nor to anyone, yet the bank charges interest on it. By investing in the Limited Partnership Senioren Woonfonds I C.V. this model is eliminated.