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The Limited Partnership Senioren Woonfonds I C.V. is capped at five million Euros. This first emission consists of two hundred (200) participations each of twenty five thousand (25,000) Euros.

Twenty five thousand Euro is also the minimum participation amount. An additional 3% emission fee charge is added to the purchase price if only one certificate is bought. If an investor wishes to purchase two or more certificates, the 3% emission fee is waived.

The investment procedure and interim purchasing options

Once you, the investor decide to participate, the notary will invite you to deposit an amount equal to 15% of your intended investment, your pledged amount. This 15% is deposited in escrow with the notary. You will NOT receive any dividend on the initial 15% and the dividend interest rate calculation will begin one month after receiving the full payment over the total amount, which will include the initial 15% deposit. Your participation remains under the management of the notary until the point when mortgage security is guaranteed.

Up to 5% of the initial investment is reserved and can be used for running costs, and the remaining 10% has a double function. Firstly, to provide security for the objects the fund wants to acquire. Secondly, repurchase certificates should an investor withdraws there pledge (fees might be applicable and will be handled on a case by case basis).

After raising 110% of the required capital needed to acquire an object, the notary will invite the investors to deposit the remaining 85% of their pledged investments. This is done against full mortgage coverage of the total investment. The quarterly dividend payments are also covered in this process.

For more information, see the brochure and the detailed information memorandum.

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